Where are Brian and Bluebell Bus today?

For the best experience, download the App for your Smartphone; you can track Brian’s location, plot a route to see him, check his walking history and more. Click the below logo to go to the App Store or Google Play to download for FREE!

Open the App and log-in with the user name “bluebellbusview” then tap ‘Brian Burnie’ and that’s it!

If you’re using a desktop computer or laptop, click here to view the LIVE map on-line . Huge thanks to our friends at Trackit247 who have given us a GPS tracker so everyone can see Brian’s location from a PC, mobile or tablet computer!

Over the next few days, February 28th, March 1st and March 2nd) Brian’s walking route is:
Crossens, Sefton Coastal Footpath > Southport > Ainsdale on Sea > Freshfield Dune Heath Nature Reserve
17.3 km / 11.5 mile
Start: Freshfield Dune Heath Nature Reserve > Sefton Coastal Footpath > Formby > Hightown > Crosby Royal Seaforth Dock/Bootle
Start: Marine Lake/Wallasey > Leasowe > Hoylake > West Kirby Shore Cottage/Thurstaston
18.5 kms / 12.3 miles

Where is Bluebell Bus today?

Bluebell Bus will move around the country and is a mobile home for Brian Burine.
Bluebell and her Team will be delighted to see you if you fancy grabbing a selfie or staying a bit longer for a cuppa! Bear in mind that during the day the Team could be walking. You can get in touch with Bluebell, her phone number is: 07889 224 957

Bluebell’s current location is:
Stagecoach, Gillmoss Bus Depot, East Lancashire Road, Liverpool L11 0BB

As our journey progresses, the Timeline will illustrate our achievements, milestones and progress throughout our 7,000 mile coastal path adventure. Over a 2-year period, the Timeline will act as a legacy to our story.

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Can you help Bluebell on her way?

A HUGE thank you from Bluebell and her team to everyone who can help her!

The cost of the day to day running of Bluebell and the journey will be paid for privately by Brian Burnie, the founder and Chairman of the Trustees of the Charity.
Bluebell Bus is aiming to raise £4m to take the Charity Daft as a Brush Cancer Patient Care NATIONWIDE with the creation of a network of hubs and the provision of support, financial and administrative, to those persons who wish to set up and operate Daft as a Brush Cancer Patient Care service in new areas.


Help us reach our target amount of £4 million. Any amount is greatly appreciated!

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