A chilly England as Brian Burnie continues his 7,000 mile walk for free cancer patient transport all over Great Britain and Ireland! Bluebell Bus water pipes froze! No hot water for Mr and Mrs B. Watch our new short film as Brian walks from Gretna, to Beaumont and Burgh-on-Sands as he follows the Hadrians Wall Path. Our thanks to Natural England, Cumbria for their support on Brian’s epic 7,000 mile challenge for free cancer patient trasnsport all over Great britian and Ireland.

It’s been an eventful walk to date; Brian, 74 was re-married on Skye and his walking challenge has been made more difficult by the onset of Parkinson’s disease. However, he’s determined to create 1,000,000 free cancer patient journeys by opening ‘hubs’ offering free cancer patient transport for those undergoing Chemotherapy and / or Radiotherapy.

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