Above: Island Councillor for Wick and East Caithness, Willie MacKay with Brian Burnie.

Huge ‘step’ forward for charity founder Brian Burnie as he arrives at John O’Groats. 808 miles walked along the coastal path taking Daft as a Brush Cancer Patient Care nationwide!

D-Day 6th June 2018 Brian Burnie arrives at the iconic signpost at John O’Groats on his 7,000 mile walk around Great Britain and Ireland. Brian, 74, couldn’t be happier; “Yes, it’s been very challenging, but walking into John O’Groats represents a great achievement. The first part of my journey is complete. I’ve met such fantastic people on the walk; everyone has offered support and encouragement it has been genuinely moving at times”.

Brian was met by motorcyclists, walkers, cyclists and Island Councillor for Wick and East Caithness, Willie MacKay, “This is absolutely wonderful, what a great achievement for Brian, walking all the way from Newcastle. I think this is a great venture raising awareness for this wonderful charity. I do wish him all the best as he continues his coastal walk around the County of Caithness and his onward journey”.

Brian and the Bluebell Bus Team were invited to the magnificent Castle of Mey, the Queen Mother’s beloved hideaway, by MD Shirley Farquhar. Tour Historian James Wright; “When we heard Daft as a Brush was visiting John O’Groats, we invited the team to visit Castle of Mey. We would like to wish Brian all the very best on his epic journey.”

As the day closes, Brian is touched by the affection received, “John O’Groats has surpassed all expectations. I would like to thank all the surprising well-wishers and the lovely people at Castle of Mey for their incredible kindness.”

Above: Shirley Farquhar, Cheryl FInlay, James Wright and Brian Burnie outside the The Castle & Gardens of Mey

Brian’s walk continues to Thurso and on to Skye. His mission to create 1,000,000 cancer patient journeys all over Great Britain and Ireland is gaining momentum, one step at a time.
Discover more about the Charity’s epic journey at  www.bluebellbus.org.uk