Back where it started – Brian Burnie in Dublin six months after beginning his epic walk around the island of Ireland for cancer patient transport.

Six months and 1,500 miles, 75 year old charity walker, Brian Burnie, completes a whole lap of Ireland.
Brian Burnie has been on a 7,000 mile walking challenge since 5th March 2018, he’s clocked up over 4,200 miles to date. Brian and wife, Cheryl are on a two-and-a-half year, odyssey to bring free cancer patient transport all over Ireland and the UK.

They’ve been living in their mobile home, a refurbished double decker bus called “Bluebell” supported by Bus Éireann, they’ve just completed a whole lap of Ireland with Brian walking every gruelling step of the way.

Arriving back in Dublin, the 75 year old is thrilled; “I am so excited to have made it back to Dublin where I started walking Ireland in April 2019. It’s not be easy, but the people I have met have offered amazing encouragement. I have met oncologists, doctors, Mayors and some influential people within the health sector to discuss the free transport service coming to Ireland. Its been received so well, but it’s the people of Ireland who have given me the most support, truly moving.”

Cheryl Burnie, Brian’s wife, has been supporting him from their mobile-base; ‘Bluebell’. “I was so worried last month as Brian was told he may have suffered a stress fracture in his foot. We were relieved to discover his unbearable pain was due to bad bruising and after resting a week, he was back on the walk. He pushes too much, recently Brian has been walking over 20 miles each day to make up the time.”

Brian and Cheryl have been on the road since 5th March 2018, with Bluebell Bus. Leaving Newcastle upon Tyne, Brian has walked the coast of Northumberland, Scotland, Cumbria, Lancashire, Merseyside and North Wales to reach Dublin. Married on the Isle of Skye they’re celebrating their first wedding anniversary.
Brian is humbled by the support received from Bus Éireann; “I can hardly believe the help we’ve received from Bus Éireann. Every depot we have parked at have been so kind, generous and supportive. The teams have given so much – Unbelievable. On behalf of Cheryl, myself and all the volunteers in the north east, thank you all for such incredible kindness.”


Bus Eireann team Cork

Bus Eireann team Cork

Brian, Cheryl and Bluebell Bus have left Bus Éireann at Broadstone, in Dublin soon to start a new chapter of the walk from North Wales. Walking to the south coast and returning
anti-clockwise to Newcastle upon Tyne for Autumn 2020. By then he will have walked over 7,000 miles and could be the oldest person to walk the entire coast of Ireland and the UK.  “I am determined to highlight the difficulties faced by cancer patients. We’ve had such an incredible response from hospitals I am really looking forward to transporting our first cancer patient in Ireland.”