Surprise wedding on epic 7,000 mile walk! Charity Boss marries on Skye with walking partner Cheryl Finlay.

Brian Burnie, 74, has reached Skye on his challenging 7,000 mile walk to take the cancer charity Daft as a Brush all over Great Britain and Ireland. As if reaching over 1,200 miles on foot isn’t enough to celebrate, Brian and Cheryl have tied-the-knot on Skye!

At 4pm, 27th July 2018, Brian Burnie married Cheryl Finlay, at the Registry Office on the Island. Both are delighted!

Brian Burnie “It’s hard to believe someone my age is going to re-marry! We’re parked at Stagecoach Bus Depot in Skye, where we had the Stag Night! (That’s more than one cup of tea at my age). Everyone here has been fantastic, you couldn’t meet nicer people. Also with us is the nicest Vicar I have ever met – Rev Juliet Stephenson from the Holy Nativity Church at Chapel House, Newcastle. She has travelled all the way to Skye and has blessed our marriage when we had a meal with our children”.

Cheryl Finlay “We went South Africa for Christmas and New Year, this is when Brian proposed! We came back and told our children but we kept the news hush-hush until we reached Skye, it’s so emotive.”

But, what about the Honeymoon? “We have both been in staying on Bluebell Bus since the 5th March as part of the charity walk, I would like to think this whole trip is our honeymoon; we’ve seen such amazing places and met great people. We’re not back in Newcastle until 2020, and with so many miles for Brian to walk, taking a traditional honeymoon is out of the question!”

Rev Juliet Stephenson “Cheryl and Brian told be they where getting married a few months ago, and to keep it under my hat! They asked me to do the wedding, and I was absolute trickled pink! I am vicar in England but the regulations are slightly different is Scotland, so I am doing a wedding blessing for them which will be really lovely.

Brian keeps telling me he’s not a ‘churchy’ person, but he is been blessed so much with everything he does and with meeting Cheryl and creating such a successful and respected charity that does such amazing work. I also feel so blessed to be here today”

Brian Burnie, “I am starting the walk again on Monday, and will spend a month walking around this beautiful Island. Cheryl will be keeping me on the right path and we’ll both be staying on Bluebell Bus. Anyone wishing to visit is more than welcome!”

Brian insists “No gifts please! If people want to, they can make a small donation to the Bluebell Bus Charity which would be thoroughly appreciated and help us reach 1,000,000 cancer patient journeys.”

At Daft as a Brush House in Gosforth, the team had no idea, Dave Harrison, Communications Manager said “A bolt out the blue! No-one at Daft as a Brush House knew Brian and Cheryl were to marry! We were all shocked, but also delighted for them both. They look so happy together.”

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