A whole year of walking and 3,000 miles later, charity trekker Brian Burnie reaches North Wales on his mission to create 1,000,000 free cancer patient journeys. Brian Burnie began his epic 7,000 mile walk on 5th March 2018 from the Baltic, Gateshead to raise awareness, promote and expand the Gosforth based Charity, Daft as a Brush Cancer Patient Care. Exactly 12 months and 3,000 miles later, Brian has walked the entire coastal path of Northumberland, Scotland, Cumbria, Lancashire in to Merseyside and North Wales.

In celebration, Brian and Cheryl hosted a ‘pancake party’ aboard ‘Bluebell’ – A double decker bus which is their mobile home for the 2 year challenge.

Brian is delighted with this milestone: “I’m thrilled to have achieved 3,000 miles since 5th March 2018. As it was the anniversary of starting the walk and Shrove Tuesday, we had a pancake party to celebrate on Llandudno Pier. Supporters and volunteers travelled all the way from Newcastle to be with us and it really makes me appreciate what a fantastic team we have.

I was so pleased to meet the Mayor of Llandudno, Francis Davies, and his wife, Sonia who came along to congratulate us. We met so many local people and visitors to Llandudno, too. It’s been quite moving for us.”

Llandudno Mayor, Francis Davies: “It’s been wonderful to meet Brian and his team here today on his amazing 7,000 walk around the country. He’s doing great work for the charity. It is a pleasure to welcome them all to North Wales and Llandudno and I wish them all the best success in the future.”

Brian has met with major cancer centres throughout Scotland and Cumbria and is excited about forthcoming meetings: “We have appointments with oncologists and medical teams in Liverpool and Wales in the near future to discuss the possibility of the Daft as a Brush transport service operating in these areas.”

The Rev Juliet Stephenson who has relocated to Liverpool from Newcastle, couldn’t miss this opportunity to see Brian, Cheryl and the Team again: “We stood on the Quayside in Gateshead on a snowy, cold day exactly one year ago surrounded by many friends, some of them are sadly not with us any more.  Today, we’re in Llandudno on this beautiful day having a fabulous time eating pancakes and sharing the message of what Daft as a Brush means to everyone who is passing. I’m so pleased to be here today, to support Brian’s walk and everyone who can be with him on this huge challenge, good luck to you all.”

Walking up to 20 miles in a single day, it’s a punishing challenge for the 74 year old who also deals with the effects of Parkinson’s disease. “Each year we transport 40,000 cancer patients from their homes to and from hospital who require Chemotherapy and / or Radiotherapy cancer treatment. If we can replicate what we do in the North East all over Great Britain and Ireland, we could help so many patients on their journey to recovery.”

Brian’s dream to take the charity nationwide and create 1,000,000 free cancer patient journeys could be turning in to a reality one step at a time. With 3,000 miles walked, there’s ‘only’ 4,000 to go. His next stop is Dublin as he begins a six-month trek around the island of Ireland.

Discover Brian Burnie’s 7,000 mile walk at www.bluebellbus.org.uk
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