Meet Bluebell’s Team!

It’s not just the team on Bluebell involved in this epic adventure, without the help, determination and countless months of work of those behind the scenes, this 7,000 coastal path walk would not be possible.

Meet our Team! All are volunteers who work tirelessly for the Charity Daft as a Brush. And our special thanks to Stagecoach who kindly donated Bluebell bus.

Bluebell Bus

Who’s on the road….?

Brian Burnie
Brian Burnieaka The Gov'ner
Meet Brian Burnie, the heart, soul and driving force behind the much-loved Charity Daft as a Brush Cancer Patent Care. Brian will be with Bluebell each day walking over 7,000 miles for two years!
Cheryl Finlay
Cheryl FinlayProject Director
Cheryl has been working on the Coastal Path Walk with Brian for over 18 months. Organising eveything form Bluebell Bus to the walking route. And, of course, keeping Brian under control!
Tommy Watson
Tommy WatsonBluebell's Driver!
Tommy’s background in road haulage and busses is beyond measure! He has been driving Bluebell Bus and her Trailer all over Scotland. Tommy is also a Daft as a Brush Volunteer and drives patients to hospital almost EVERY DAY!!! Star man!

And who’s behind the scenes….?

David Wilson
David WilsonBluebell's Route Mastermind!
David is our Ordnance Survey #GetOutside Champion and has been working tirelessly organising Bluebell’s route around Great Britain and Ireland and the walking route for the team.
Dave Harrison
Dave HarrisonCommunications at Bluebell Bus
Dave has been with Daft as a Brush since the very beginning and helps with all the graphic design material; brochures, website, leaflets, posters, media and more, but he’s terrible at making coffee!
Anne WIlson
Anne WIlsonOrganiser and Admin
Anne’s been with Daft as a Brush for 4 years, now she’s looking after admin for Bluebell Bus. Along with organising events, hospital meetings and more, our Anne is an essential part of the team at HQ!

Can you help Bluebell on her way?

A HUGE thank you from Bluebell and her team to everyone who can help her!

The cost of the day to day running of Bluebell and the journey will be paid for privately by Brian Burnie, the founder and Chairman of the Trustees of the Charity.
Bluebell Bus is aiming to raise £4m to take the Charity Daft as a Brush Cancer Patient Care NATIONWIDE with the creation of a network of hubs and the provision of support, financial and administrative, to those persons who wish to set up and operate Daft as a Brush Cancer Patient Care service in new areas.


Help us reach our target amount of £4 million. Any amount is greatly appreciated!

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