Hop on board!

What's cooking?

Take a seat!

Muddy boots!

Sleep tight!

trusty driver!

Meet Bluebell Bus

Bluebell is far more than just a bus! She is our living accommodation for 2 years, a place eat, meet and relax after all those miles!
Converted by Thornton’s of Ashington, Bluebell Bus is fully operational with Wi-Fi, kitchen adn small lounge! You can view the LIVE GPS location of Brian Burnie and walking team by clicking the link below:

Bluebell Bus

Can you help Bluebell on her way?

A HUGE thank you from Bluebell and her team to everyone who can help her!

The cost of the day to day running of Bluebell and the journey will be paid for privately by Brian Burnie, the founder and Chairman of the Trustees of the Charity.
Bluebell Bus is aiming to raise £4m to take the Charity Daft as a Brush Cancer Patient Care NATIONWIDE with the creation of a network of hubs and the provision of support, financial and administrative, to those persons who wish to set up and operate Daft as a Brush Cancer Patient Care service in new areas.


Help us reach our target amount of £4 million. Any amount is greatly appreciated!

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