Donate to Bluebell Bus

Bluebell Bus relies on donations to keep our local charity moving. There are various ways you can donate and various amounts from £1, we thank you most sincerely for all donations received.

Did you know…? Everything from food to fuel on the 7,000 mile walk is funded privately by Brian Burnie.This means every penny donated goes directly to the charity to bring FREE cancer patient transport all over Great Britain and Ireland. Thank you.


Bluebell Bus

Donating by Credit / Debit card.

The quickest and most convenient way of donation via credit or debit card is with Virgin Money Giving. Secure and safe, you can donate a set amount, set up regular donations or and individual one-off payment. Gift Aid will be organised by Virgin Money.

Please click the logo or click here to visit Virgin Money Giving.

Donating by cheque / post.

You can donate by cheques and postal orders. Please make payable to ‘Daft as a Brush Coastal Path Walk’ and post to: 157 Great North Road, Gosforth, Newcastle, NE3 2DR. 

Don’t forget to download a Gift Aid form so we can claim back another 25%.

Donating on the walk.

All our team will be available to accept coin and note donations while walking or on Bluebell Bus with our collection buckets – Thank you! Our friends at Santander Bank have kindly agreed to accept any amount of coins and notes paid0in at any branch at no charge to the Charity.

Donating in celebration.

Why not celebrate your big event and support Bluebell Bus? Whether you are celebrating a birthday, anniversary, wedding or in remembrance, you can choose to donate in lieu of gifts, or even ask for donations on the day. 

Don’t forget to download a Gift Aid form so we can claim back another 25%.

Donating cash or gifts in person.

If you have organised your own fund raising event, or collected gifts on our behalf, you can visit Daft as Brush House to donate coins, notes and gifts. Our office is open Monday to Friday from 8am until 5pm. Or, visit our shop on the 1st Floor at Eldon Garden, Newcastle City Centre. 

Don’t forget to download a Gift Aid form so we can claim back another 25%.

Sponsoring for Bluebell Bus.

If you are doing your own challenge, perhaps a run, bake-off, climb or any event, you can download a Bluebell Bus sponsorship form to raise funds for this local charity. Please don’t forget to ask those who sponsor you, to include their address and tick the Gift Aid box so we can claim an extra 25% on top of the amount raised. Thank you. 

For a  Sponsorship Form please contact us.

Can you help Bluebell on her way?

A HUGE thank you from Bluebell and her team to everyone who can help her!

The cost of the day to day running of Bluebell and the journey will be paid for privately by Brian Burnie, the founder and Chairman of the Trustees of the Charity.
Bluebell Bus is aiming to raise £4m to take the Charity Daft as a Brush Cancer Patient Care NATIONWIDE with the creation of a network of hubs and the provision of support, financial and administrative, to those persons who wish to set up and operate Daft as a Brush Cancer Patient Care service in new areas.


Help us reach our target amount of £4 million. Any amount is greatly appreciated!

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