A personal message from Brian Burnie.


Given continuing developments and updated guidance from the Government and NHS Trusts regarding coronavirus, I have decided to stop at Torquay after walking 5,126 miles of my 7,000 mile walk around Great Britain and Ireland for cancer patients.

Inspired by Colonel Tom – Brian Burnie continues his incredible 7,000 mile walk – from his back garden and now, the neighbouring golf course!

From Newcastle, I have walked all of Scotland, the west coast to Ireland, Wales, Devon and Cornwall but when I walked in to Torquay, the terrible news of coronavirus gave me no option – I had to stop.

I plan to notch-up a further 2,000 miles on my doorstep making a total of 7,126 miles walked by September 2020 (the equivalent of walking from Newcastle to Argentina).

It would have taken me thousands of circuits of the garden to achieve the extra miles, but at last (May 2020) the Government has relaxed my exercise restrictions and thanks to City of Newcastle Golf Club, I am walking the course each day to get those miles done!

I feel very responsible to everyone who has donated money and pledged support to my promise of providing free cancer patient transport nationally. If this is what it takes for me to fulfil that promise, I’ll do it.

As volunteer for the charity, I am fully aware of the issues cancer patients have on a national level, getting to and from hospital on a daily basis to receive their Chemotherapy and / or Radiotherapy treatment.

It’s clear to me there is a need for the service all over the country, I have received such positive feedback from both medical professionals and patients. I just can’t wait to start but the walk must be completed first.

Our fantastic volunteers have kept the Daft as a Brush Cancer Patient Care service going throughout the coronavirus crisis and I truly believe there are others all over the country who feel as passionate as we do in the North-East about helping cancer patients on the road to recovery.

Wish me luck!

Brian Burnie – Founder and Trustee,
Daft as a Brush Cancer Patient Care.

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