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Bringing free cancer patient transport
all over Great Britain and Ireland!

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Welcome to Bluebell Cancer Patient Care – We’re bringing free cancer patient transport to Great Britain and Ireland!

By walking 7,000 miles around the Great Britain and Ireland, Bluebell Cancer Patient Care aims to highlight the difficulties of Cancer Patient Transport and raise £1m by public and commercial donations, sponsorship and goodwill, to offer this transport service nationwide. We propose to create a network of ‘hubs’ in strategic locations to provide free cancer patient journeys.

The walk has taken over 2.5 years, finishing on 23rd September 2020 at the Baltic in Gateshead. Key visits include national cancer centres, hospitals and all Parliaments engaging with Health Ministers and medical professionals to explain the benefits, logistical service and the features of a fully operational model.

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We’re bringing free cancer patient transport all over the UK and Ireland!

WOW!!! Almost 3 years and 9 pairs of boots later, Brian Burnie completes his epic 7,000 mile charity walk!!!

Guest of honour Mr Len Gibson

He’s done it!!! 15 million steps, 7,036 miles, Brian Burnie completes his challenge to walk the coast of Great Britain and Ireland!

Brian & Cheryl Burnie set off walking around the coast of Great Britain and Ireland in March 2018 from Newcastle to highlight the charity’s work and encourage other NHS Cancer Centres to adopt the free service.

The Newcastle-based charity and its 350 volunteers provides free transport for patients receiving chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy cancer treatment.

It’s taken the 76 year old almost 3 years to complete his incredible walk. Supported by his wife Cheryl, Brian has clocked-up 15,000,000 steps and over 7,000 miles walked. They were met at the Baltic in Gateshead by volunteers, supporters and well-wishers undeterred by the rain, to take those final steps over the Millennium Bridge back into Newcastle.

Clearly emotional, Mr Burnie said it was “Unbelievably moving”

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Help us raise £1m to support cancer patients all over Great Britain and Ireland

A HUGE thank you from Bluebell the Bus and her team to everyone who has helped Brian on his amazing trek!

The cost of the day-to-day running of Bluebell the Bus and the journey was paid for privately by Brian Burnie. The 76 year old is walked every step of the 7,036 miles. We’re aiming to raise £1m to set-up and manage hubs, to bring free Cancer Patient Care NATIONWIDE.


Help us reach our target amount of £1 million. Any amount is greatly appreciated!

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VJ Day 75 – Thank you to all for such a remarkable morning

Guest of honour Mr Len Gibson

So many to thank for the success of our VJDay 75 event at Daft as a Brush Cancer Patient Care

The 75th anniversary of VJ Day (Victory over Japan) was recognised on 15th August 2020 commemorating the end of the Second World War.

Guest of honour, 100 year-old Len Gibson BEM, our fantastic Pearly King and Queen; Mark and Teresa, Mr Bill Hall, ex Royal Northumberland Fusilier who decorated the entire area, gifted young Bugler Brian Hindmarsh all our amazing volunteers who helped out on the day and VIP guests.

Thanks also to BBC Look North, BBC Radio Newcastle and ITV Tyne Tees

Amazing support for Bluebell Cancer Patient Care

Bluebell Cancer Patient Care would like to thank everyone who has helped the project so far. Brian’s epic mission to create 1,000,000 free cancer patient journeys all over Great Britain and Ireland would not be possible without the help of so many people.
Local, national and international names are continuing to help Bluebell Cancer Patient Care and Brian Burnie stay on the road. Thank you!

Transporting Cancer Patients is better for the individual and the hospital

We’ve been speaking to Dame Jackie Daniel, Chief Executive of the Newcastle-upon-Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and Professor Sir John Burn, Chairman, Newcastle Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. Both agree transporting cancer patients to hospital is a real challenge for families, friends and there NHS and if patients are not in the right place at the right time, this can compromise the treatment system. Bluebell Bus Cancer Patient Care take that stress away with a dedicated transport service.

How will our service work?

The charity will offer transport services to outpatients, free of charge, to and from hospital who are undergoing chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy cancer treatment. Each vehicle will be staffed by a trained volunteer driver and a companion to care for the mobility of the patient during the journey, pre and post treatment. The charity will operate nationwide, opening various hubs in targeted locations within a reasonable distance from major specialist cancer treatment centres. 

We will work with the assistance of specialist cancer care centres within Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland in order to set up transport hubs. The hubs will then provide staffed vehicles to transport outpatients, free of charge to and from hospital who are undergoing chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy cancer treatment.

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Bluebell Bus Brian Burnie receives Prime Ministers award!

In a personal letter to Brian, Prime Minister Theresa May said:
“Your work is improving the lives of thousands of cancer patients undergoing treatment in the North East. By helping patients travel to and from hospital, your team of hundreds of volunteers are providing them with comfort and companionship at a very challenging time. I wish you the very best of luck with your current efforts to expand your successful model to new areas of the country.” Download the offical Press release by Clicking here

Who are Daft as a Brush?

Daft as a Brush Cancer Patient Care offers staffed custom-made vehicles to transport outpatients, free of charge, to and from Hospital who are undergoing Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy cancer treatment.

At the moment, the regions covered by Daft as a Brush are: Northumberland, North and South Tyneside, Durham, Newcastle upon Tyne and surrounding areas. There would be no charge to the patients for our Service. We’re on the road to promote Daft as a Brush Cancer Patient Care with the hope we can expand nationally!  The service would entail collecting and transporting the patients in a safe and comfortable environment, from where they are living, taking them to where they will be having their treatment. If required staying with the patient whilst they have their treatment and then bringing them back home in readiness for their next course of treatment.